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As soon as your payment is Successful our email automation system sends you the first email with in few hours. You’ll receive videos on the same email that you have used while enrolling in the course.
For Ex:- Suppose there is a Guy called Mr. Robin and he enrolls in the course using robin123@gmail.com as his registered email address, then Robin will receive all his emails in robin123@gmail.com only.
If you have entered a wrong email while enrolling in the course then you will not receive the videos as emails sent to your registered email address will bounce.
You’ll receive all the emails from deepak@thinknthrive.in. If you are not able to locate my emails, please search deepak@thinknthrive.in in your inbox. Please check spam as well as promotion tab.

This happens when you have unsubscribed from my email list. Never Ever unsubscribe from the email list, if you do so you’ll not receive any email from us. If you have unsubscribed then get in touch with us so that we can add you back.

Once you enroll you in the course, you’ll receive one video a day for the next 100 Days. Each email has a link to watch the video. To unlock the video, you have to use a password. Password to unlock the video is in the email itself. Please use that password to unlock the video. Please read the email carefully and copy – paste the password as it is. Please don’t copy space.

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