15 Powerful SEO Chrome Extensions

yogendra kinja       12-OCT-2020

We’re expected to perform so many tasks daily, from organizing our content buckets to ensuring a website’s usability to link building to much, much more. It’s a lot — but there is good news. There are a variety of Google Chrome extensions that can make these tasks a lot easier.

Google Chrome has gobbled up a substantial market share. As per Stats Counter, Google Chrome has more than 66% of the total market share.

I assume many of you are also Google Chrome fans. But, have you explored the powerful extensions and Chrome shortcuts the browser has to offer?

At the click of a mouse button, you can install an SEO plugin and open doors to higher productivity levels. Some Chrome extensions are pure gold with value-adding functionality that can save you hours of tedious tasks every week. Ultimately, the goal is improving ranks, including Quantcast Rank, specializing in audience measurement.

In this post, I’ll share 15 Chrome extensions that are useful for marketers. I’ve organized the post into three sections – content organizing, on-page SEO metadata and usability analysis, and link building and outreach management.

Let’s dive into the first section and look at the first tool.

Content Organizing

Information overload can be really stressful. Wading through truckloads of web pages to find relevant and high-quality pieces is daunting.

But it need not be that way. These two Chrome extensions will help you organize your content and save it for reading later.

1. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote has powerful note-taking functionalities. Search Engine Land describes it as a “business-to-individual” media tool.

But if you are particularly interested in saving articles for reading later, the web clipper is a handy tool (located in the upper right side of Chrome).



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